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Alexander Nikolaenko
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Alexander Volkov-Medvedev
A young metropolitan Chef who previously worked with Saule Capemainin in Orange3, Regis Trigel, Nathan Dallimore and Natalie Hosting in Strelka and in the Pushkin restaurant with Andrei Makhov. Gastronomic hand signature - use simple, affordable products, focus on the interaction of tastes. He loves the nordic style with its various berries, a combination of uncombined products that are prepared by prolonged languor.
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Andrey Chetvertnov
Chetvertnov Andrew, is one of the most creative, energetic and "crazy" chefs. He studied at the Moscow State University on a history faculty. He worked as a graphic designer. He liked to cook for himself and friends. After he realized that he had to change something in his life and went to live on the Caribbean islands, where started his gastronomic journey. He worked as a private chef in the Caribbean. After returning to Moscow, Andrew began to actively improve in the field of gastronomy, and then entered Le Cordon Bleu. Andrew graduated from high school with honors and passed training at famous restaurants in Paris.
He worked as a chef in ERWIN, Zupperia, and Ku. Now he is the chef of Glenuill. Andrew's philosophy is to cook the most delicious food for yourself from the best ingredients! Search for an individual approach to each product and not don’t make people confused, but bother your chefs with the quality of the product!
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Andrey Kolodyazhny
The brand-chef of the restaurant "Moskvich", Moscow

Born on March 31, 1982 in Mineralnye Vody city
The founder of the Gastrobotany in Russia
Black Sea cuisine ambassador in Russia
Champion of Europe among young chefs (Greece) 2013;
Internship in the restaurant Noma, (2 * Michelin, chef Renee Redzepi) 2015;
Internship at the restaurant Geranium (3 * Michelin, chef Rasmus Kofoed) 2015;

While Andrew Kolodyazhny began his career, he was just an ordinary chef and did not even know what the term "gastrobotanika" means. Nevertheless, he intuitively interested in the use of wild herbs and plants in cooking. When he was 26 years old, after graduating with a degree in industrial engineer technology, Andrey became the chef of the restaurant in Pyatigorsk and started his experiments. Natural curiosity and inquisitive mind more and more immerse the young talented chef in the fascinating world of unusual combinations and open up entirely new approaches to cooking. Communicating with the indigenous inhabitants of the Caucasian republics, who still keep ancient knowledge and recipes, he gets acquainted with the plants forgotten in the modern kitchen. Using the principles of molecular cuisine, Andrew adds to the menu unexpected dishes and ingredients, such as nettles, bread from a palm tree, lasagna from portalak, caviar from flowers.
In the process of creative research, Andrei notes that many plants that traditionally grow on the territory of Russia, for the previous generations, played the same role as many imported foodstuffs from other countries today. For example, instead of capers growing to the south, our grandmothers used marinated kidney john-jolie, which is widely represented in the more northern latitudes of the Caucasus. Thus, long before import substitution, he uses local foods, meat, fish and shellfish in his dishes.

A real revolution in Andrei's mind occurred after visiting the Madrid Fusion exhibition and getting to know the works of the chef Rodrigo de la Calhe, whose restaurant was twice marked in the Red Guide Michelin. He realized that he is not alone in his searches and is doing the same thing as chefs in other countries of the world. Immediately after the exhibition, Andrew went to Denmark to get to know the Scandinavian cuisine, which, like gastro botany, is based on the principles of seasonality, locality and rationality. Having mastered new techniques and having adopted ideas, he continued working with non-standard products: burdock, dandelions, reeds, duckweed, which people usually perceive as uneatable natural wild plants.

Huge influence in the development of Andrei as a professional gastrobotanik was exerted by an experience in the city of Sochi. He was able to realize the potential accumulated over the years: in 2012 Andrey Kolodyazhny became the chef of the largest beer restaurant in Krasnodar "Brad-Pit", and in 2014 - the chef of the restaurant "Friendship" Krasnaya Polyana, serving the 2014 Olympic Games From 2015 to 2017, Andrey worked as a brand-chef of the restaurants "Baran-Rapan" and "Fettuccine", where thanks to an innovative approach and constant meticulousness in the work he gained all-Russian fame. Gastro journalists consider Andrei a new wave of young Russian chefs.

Andrei Kolodyazhny is an alloy of great industriousness and talent. Like any enthusiastic person, he goes on his own in search of herbs and plants, after which he searches the kitchen for the best combinations of tastes to introduce connoisseurs of high cuisine to them.
Andrew did a great job in a unique Russian project, which is based on the principle of combining rare local products and molecular cuisine. There is its own cheese factory and non-traditional culinary plants are grown on the roof. The new restaurant "Moskvich" will open the doors in early 2018 in Moscow.

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Angelica Burkovskaya
more information about the experts
Anton Isakov
Anton Isakov has been working in the industry since 2000. For 9 years he has been working with Fabrotio Fetuchi and became his right hand. Qhite often they both worked for the Russian presedent Dmitry Medvedev at public and private events.
Traveled many times to Italy, where he studied local gastronomy and worked on his private buisness which was focused on olive oil and coffee.
Next he started working as a concept-chief in Italy Group. Afterwards he became the creative brand-chef on the Grinza Project.
Anton has a pasion of developing new concepts in russian gastronomy and also has an interest in art and paints.
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Anton Ivnitsky
Ivnitsky Anton is a brand-chef and co-owner of the restaurant holding Matrëshki- group, Ulyanovsk.

It includes today:

- Russian cuisine restaurant Matrëshki,
- Gastrobar Before,
- grouler pub Top hop,
- Georgian restaurant "Alazani",
- a restaurant for home cooking "Apartment 18/81"

Before that Anton lived and worked in Moscow. He started his career with the project Ragout, then with the opening in the restaurant LavkaLavka, Hurma.
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Anton Kovalkov
Chef, representative of the direction “modern Russian cuisine”

Anton graduated from an Internationl Academy of Gastronomy by Tomas Muller in Moscow, also had internship jobs in the best restaurants of the world: Hibiscus, Michelin**; Noma, Michelin** (was named the best restaurant in the world three times); Chez Dominique, Michelin**; Mozaiс, Michelin* (is included in one of the top 50 restaurants in Asia ); Eleven Madison Park Michelin***; Corton Michelin **; Alinea Michelin*** (Best restaurant of North America); Benu Michelin***.
After a big number of internships Anton moved to Moscow and headed the kitchen of a project callled "Favourite place 22.13". The restaurant took place in an international restaurant rating called Best restaurants of Moscow, also received a diploma "Best in Moscow" by the opinion of the site Afisha.
In 2014 Anton became the head chief of a new project called Maicon Dellos that was run by "Fahrenheit" restaurant. Particularly in "Fahrenheit" Anton started a tradition of POP UP dinners each month with the best chefs of the world. In the time period of two years there was a number of celebrities of the gastronomy industry who visited the restaurant, they were : Bryce Shuman, Eneco Atcha, Tinies Sigur, Martin Maid and others.
His author's signature is well recognized by his ability of recreating the taste of Russian local products by using modern techniques in cooking and combining unusual ingredients. For example, classic buckwheat Anton cooks with an Asian broth called "Dashi" with mushrooms.
In 2015 Anton visited a worldwide exhibition Milan Expo as an ambassador of Russian Expo. Guests of the Russian pavilion had a chance to try three types of seeds cooked on kvass with truffle from Crimea.
A head chef always takes part in Russian and International gastronomic events. Not so long ago Anton represented "Russian modern kitchen" on an international festival OMNIVORE WORLD TOUR in Moscow and also in Montreal, to where he arrived as a guest from Russia.
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Daniel Lasa Echegoyen
Born in Donostia in 1975, he finished his studies at the Higher School of Cooking in San Sebastian in 1995 and began a career in hospitality. He continued his training working in outstanding restaurants until he joined Mugaritz in 1998.
In 2004, he became head of the creative workshop of the restaurant and participated in projects structured around the creativity of the R & D field. From this same team, a defined culinary proposal emerged as well as a pioneering project that greatly influenced the global avant-garde culinary scene.
He has promoted meetings and collaborations with universities, companies and technology centres.
He has taught courses and conferences about creativity and innovation in the most important culinary congresses on the international scene as well as in numerous scientific culinary meetings.

He has co-edited several books and scientific articles and regularly collaborates in radio programs and written media.

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Elena Savchuk
Chief of LavkaLavka restaurant

Elena obtained an education in Ragout school by Alexei Zimin.
Elena started her career as a chef in a chain of restaurants called "Bread and Wine"
Starting from april 2016 Elena became the head chef of a gastronomy bar called "Geroiy" that became one of the top three best gastronomy bars of Moscow based on the feedback from customers and readers of Afisha.
From march 2017 Elen became the brand chef of a number of chain restaurants LavkaLavka and a burger diner in a mall called Mega (Tupliy Stan) and LavkaLavka in Petrovka.
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Evgeny Timofeev
Instructor of bakery at Culinary Arts Program SWISSAM Chef-baker at Boulangerie “GARÇON”

Experience: 16 years
• Instructor of bakery at Culinary Arts Program SWISSAM
Saint Petersburg, Russia (2015 – current time)
• Chef-baker at Boulangerie “GARÇON”
Saint Petersburg, Russia (2005 – current time)
• Baker at "CONCORD"
Saint Petersburg, Russia (2001 – 2005)

«I know how to perfectly make yeast puff pastry Fuetag. Any type of dough is possible. Can do baguettes, chiabattas and etc.
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Evgeny Vikentiev
Evgeny Vikentiev is one of the most modern and popular chefs of Saint Petersburg. He is the chef of the restaurant "Wine Wardrobe", he is also the chef and the co-owner of Hamlet and Jacks restaurant, one of the brightest representatives of the modern Russian cuisine. By the age of twenty-six, have worked in the kitchens of the St. Petersburg Il Palazzo, La Maree, EM Volna, and have completed internships in Michelin's il Vescovado by Giuseppe Riquecbono and Albert Adria's 41 experience, he became the head chef of some of the main points of attraction both locals and tourists ofSt. Petersburg, every day proving by his example that young the Russian cuisine exists, and he continues to develop its tradition.
In June 2016, he took part in a festival that is called "Russian gastronomic seasons in Monaco" and in January 2016 presented his own vision of a new Russian cuisine accompanied by Russian wines at the festival "Wine Professional" in Amsterdam. In recent years, he has actively participated in all major gastronomic events all over the country and not only, such as Omniwore, Ikra, PIR Expo, Breakfast Chef, Gastreet, Fontegro. In the summer of 2018 he will open a restaurant that is called "Cell" in Berlin, where the restaurant will reveal the taste of local products, combining them in every way with different tastes from absolutely different countries, using both traditional native northern techniques and modern ones.
more information about the experts
Fatima Salekh
In November 2014 was invited to the Maison Dellos Fahrenheit restaurant project team. In May 2015, she took over the position of a chef-confectioner of the restaurant "Fahrenheit".
In the period from 2014 to 2016, Tima received invaluable experience working with world famous chefs: Bryce Schumann (Betony, USA), Tygis Siigur (NOA, Estonia), Martin Maid (INK, Great Britain), Anna Roche (Hisa Franko, Na Gradu Restaurant, Slovenia), Peter Goff-Wood (Blues, 95 Keerom Str, Balducci's and Salt, South Africa), Taku Sekine (Dersou, France), Eneko Atch (Azurmendi, Spain).
In her work, Tima prefers the combination of classical basic techniques with elements of molecular kitchen. She is constantly in search of new textures and combinations of tastes. In her desserts, Tima often uses ingredients that are not typical for pastry dishes, such as vegetables, pollen, hay, tea matches, etc.
Going in step with time and being a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, in the menu of her new project, Tima paid special attention to the HLS-desserts without the use of flour and sugar, replacing these ingredients with fresh berries, dried fruits, coconut milk and nuts.
In November 2016, Tima spoke at an international exhibition of the food and hospitality industry PIR Expo with a master class on the preparation of useful desserts.
In April 2017 took part in the exhibition METRO EXPO with a master class for the preparation of seasonal desserts.
At the moment, she takes the position of a brand chef-confectioner of a chain of restaurants "Steak it easy".
more information about the experts
Georgy Troyan
Chef of Severyane restaurant

Le Cordon Bleu, Paris
Le Cordon Bleu, Paris
Bystro, Four Seasons Hotel / Moscow
sous chef
«Brown fox and lazy dog» restaurant / Moscow
Severyane restaurant of one of the most successful
Russian restaurateur Ilya Tyutenkov / Moscow
«Silver triangle» in nomination «the best young chef»
made a gastronomic dinner with Anatoly Kazakov / Los-Angeles
dinner in a frame of the Mamont Mission festival / Zuma/ Vladivostok
the winner of «Na vysote» competition / Aeroflot airlines Russia
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Ilya Zakharov
Ilia Zakharov is a brand-chief of large entertaining project “Casino Sochi”. He is a member of the Federation of professional chiefs and confectioners Russia, co-author of more than 30 books, the finalist of the Best young cooks Russian competition “Silver triangle”, co-host of TV show “Hell’s kitchen”.
Before joining the restaurant project “Casino Sochi”, Ilia Zakharov headed Italian restaurants Luciano in Moscow and Sochi, Pan-Asian Zodiac, the Red Fox restaurant with Southern regions cuisine and Mushrooms – the first mushroom restaurant in Russia.
Today Ilia runs haute cuisine restaurant for true gourmets and the connoisseurs of author's cuisine “Brunello” as restaurant “Baffet” with combination of European, Russian and Pan-Asian menu. Zakharov's signature style is special seasonal menu, farm products, gentle cooking technology. Ilia plans to open a special laboratory aimed to reveal new tastes and taste combinations and train a new generation of chiefs.
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Ivan and Sergey Berezutskie
Twins Group / Wine & Crab

Ivan and Sergey were born in Armavir, and as soon as they could hold knives, they got interested in gastronomy. First at home, helping their mother in the kitchen. Then they cooked in a professional lycée for cooks, where they obtained their first experience, their first cuts and burns. After graduation, the brothers did not hesitate long and went to conquer the Northern capital. Subsequent years changed the lives of the two young, daring and ambitious chefs. In their turn they literally turned the Russian gastronomy upside down and loudly announced themselves internationally.
As for the brothers’ gastronomic style, it is built on the unbreakable pillars: seasonality, freshness, tradition. A rather standard set, but it is not about the "ingredients", but about who and how "serves" them. Ivan and Sergey almost intuitively choose flavor combinations, sometimes gliding on very thin ice. But it is the ability to keep balance that makes their dishes bright, memorable and like nothing else on Earth, yet remaining completely comprehensible.
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Juan Carlos Arboleya
After finishing his BSc degree in Chemistry, he started his scientific career at the Institute of Food Research (Norwich, United Kingdom), focused on the physico-chemical properties, studying the fundamental mechanisms that control texture in food in order to develop strategies for improving sensory and nutritional properties of foodstuffs. He got his PhD in physical-biochemistry in 2004 by the University of East Anglia, UK. Part of his scientific knowledge was applied to the design of new dishes in haute cuisine by means of the collaboration with different prestigious restaurants. He is currently working as Professor and Researcher at the Basque Culinary Center (University of Mondragón, Spain), manager of the Food Industry Programme in the Bachelor Degree of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and programme director of the Master (MSc) in Gastronomic Sciences. He is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, published by Elsevier.
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Kirienko Taras

RTTS Rīgas Tūrisma un tirdzniecības skola
Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy
Rigas Purvciema gymnasium

Work experience

2015 December – Touche wine bar & kitchen , Russia , Moscow . Chef de cuisine
2012 September – 2015 September Ragout bar&grill , Ragout , Russia , Moscow. Chef de cuisine
2010 December – 2011 July 1st Grand Palace Hotel, Latvia, Riga. Chef de cuisine
2010 March – 2010 December. Gallery Park Hotel, Latvia, Riga. Chef de cuisine
2009 August 23- 2010 February1st. Restaurant Hanner (Gault Millau: 18.00)
Austria, Mayerling. Chef de Partie
2009 August 12-22. Restaurant La Vie **, Germany, Osnabruck. Stage
2009 January- June 3. Restaurant Mugaritz **, Spain, San-Sebastian. Stage
2008-2009 Hotel Gutenbergs, Latvia, Riga. Chef de Partie
2006-2007 Restaurant Mon cafe, Latvia, Riga. Chef de Partie
2003-2006 Restaurant Shato, Latvia, Riga (Jurmala).Commis chef, Chef de Partie

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Kirill Eselev
Chef of Duran bar, Roots bar & bistro, ShakeBerry. Previously, the chef of The Box and of a service of a delivery service for products with the recipes "Need dinner". Co-chair of the culinary column in the daily morning show on the "Match TV" channel, the finalist of the second season "Master Chef" on STS. Gastronomic signature of Kiril - creation of dishes from inexpensive, casual and seasonal products taking into account world gastronomic tendencies and trends. The consequence of this is interesting and modern food, which is commercially successful due to its low cost price.
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Ramón Perise More
Ramon Perisé Moré was born in Tremp in 1978, a smal village in Catalunya near the Pirineus.He grew up in a modest country family with a little farm.
He started studying agricultural engineer but he left the university to begin working in the kitchen as a self-taught.
He worked in many different places, pizzeria, pastry catering, making sandwich in a bullfight Studium, tuna restaurant…few years later He went to the Universitary School of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts (EUHT Sant Pol) in St. Pol de Mar to obtain a Master in Culinary Arts and kitchen Management .
In 2009 he staged for 6 month in Mugaritz and 2 month later he started to work in Mugaritz as a chef de partie.
In 2011 He began to work in the Development and Research kitchen in Mugaritz with the creative team. Since then he has been taking more responsability in that position and he has been developing with the R&D team the proposal that has been vangard in the world of gastronomy.
He has participated in several research projects related to the use of alternative ingredients to obtain products with an improved nutritional profile, as well as in the development of a line of products for restoration or studying the behavior of the diner .
As well he He has taught lectures and conferences on creativity and gastronomy a in the most important culinary congresses on the international scene as well as numerous scientific culinary meetings and top universitys around the World.
Throughout his career he has published several scientific articles all of them related to gastronomy.
He has participated together with the R & D team in the production of books and audiovisuals.
He has also participated as producer and promoter in artistic projects and performances with international artistic companies.
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Sergey Fokin
Sergey is a 30 year old chef from Saint Petersburg, he graduated in 2006 professional college of culinary art. After,half a year internship in the Ligurian restaurant “IlVescovado” marked by one star of a Michelin.In 2009 he began working as su-chef in a big Russian holding company called “Ginza Project”. From 2014 he is an owner of the restaurant “Four Hands”and the concept chef of the restaurant “Salute”in Saint-Petersburg. He style can be described as a new russian cuisine, he works with local seasonal produce and creates new uses for what is already established and traditionally used ingridients. He is also working as a concept chief in restaurant “Pushkin” in Kazan, Tatarstan.
more information about the experts
Sergey Lobachev
Sergey is highly motivated in his profession and always acts as a team player. His experience developed through over years during the period of working in different parts of the world which are considered to be the best places to train skills in cooking. These include France, Italy and Russia.

Career overview

2017-present time

2016- 2017


Head Chef, restaurant Meat & Fish

Chef, restaurant C.H.L.

Chef, Grusha gastronomic atelier, Moscow

• Chef of the restaurant
• Development of menus, including child and season
• Organization of banquets and weddings

Duties: • Founder and brand chef of the restaurant
• Development of menus, including child and season
• Organization of banquets and weddings
2012-2013 Chef, Buriy Lis and Leniviy Pes café, Moscow
Duties: • Development of season menus
• Outdoor events
• Organization of banquets

2010-2012 Chef, Grusha gastronomic atelier, Moscow

Duties: • Development of season menus
• Presentation of meals
• Food quality control
• Guests meeting

2008 – 2010 Head chef, Moscow, Mercury Group, restaurant-boutique Baccarat Cristal Room, David Desso – exclusive chef , David Emmerle - chef, French cuisine

2006 – 2007 Su-chef, Capriccio restaurant, Moscow, Sergey Kluchanskiy - chef, Italian cuisine

2004 – 2006 Cook, Krasnaya Ploschad dom1 restaurants, Alexander Filin - chef, Russian aristocratic cuisine

2003 Trainee cook, Care Blanc restaurant, Moscow, Eric Leprovo – chef, French cuisine

more information about the experts
Tatiana Chirkova
Instructor of pastry course at Culinary Arts program SWISSAM

Experience: 11 years
• Instructor of pastry course at Culinary Arts в SWISSAM Hospitality Business School
Saint Petersburg, Russia (2017– current time)
• Pastry chef at Boulangerie Garçon
Saint Petersburg, Russia (2012 – 2017)
• Sous-pastry chef at the shop of Eliseevs
Saint Petersburg, Russia (2012)
• Pastry chef at Boulangerie Garçon
Saint Petersburg, Russia (2009 – 2012)
• Chef de party компании VIKING CRUISES, 5* Luxury Cruise Line
Switzerland (2006-2009)

Developing the desserts, working with chocolate, tempering, making sculptures, decoring, cakes.
Making modern European desserts, working with modern teqniques of cooking.
Musse cakes and desserts, working with the dough Pate a Choux , decorating with mastique, macarons, capcakes and etc.
A lot of years of working with leading French chefs: Nicolas Guercio, Christopher Frigara, Sebastyan Proscino, Emmanuel Ribeirinha.
more information about the experts
Valery Gorinov
Work as a chef in the restaurant Dom(Saint-Petersburg).

Queque Dacosta restaurant 3 stars Michelin (Spain) 2016
El du moulin 1 star Michelin (France) 2017
L'Ambroisie 3 stars Michelin (France) 2018
more information about the experts
Vasily Emelyanenko
He is the brand-chef of "Midea Rus", also the brand-chef of the brand "Pomidorka", the food producer "Masterchef" and "Masterchef children." Vasily is more likely to see on TV, he is a constant presenter and an expert of all kinds of culinary shows. Vasily is cheerful, very creative and accurate at the same time, this chef always turns the occupation into a real holiday. Cheerful, creative and accurate at the same time, he is always full of ideas. In many ways, he is inspired by specialized pages in social media, new books (chefs-talk, telecafe, restoved, I cook!, food journal).
more information about the experts
Vladislav Korpusov
Chef of Musli restaurant

From 2006 to 2010 studied in an Estonian cooking school in Tallinn. Throughout the years also had internship jobs in a chain of Italian restaurants called Rivelia, Old Estonia, Fellini, Bossanova and also Gloria, Restaurant Ö (Best Restaurantin Estonia 2008
/ 2009).
In 2010 started working at Ö restaurant, in 2011 while working at the restaurant earned a title of the best cook of Estonia from the results of a championship called Aasta Kokk.
From 2011 started working at a reastaurant called Alexander on an island called Muhu (Best Restaurantin Estonia 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013) Also in 2011 worked on an internship job that took place at a restaurant called Luomo in Helsinki (1* Michlen).
IN 2013 moved to Oslo, where had an internship job at a restaurant called Bagatelle (1* Michelin) and worked at a hotel restaurant The Thief (World Luxury Hotel Awards: Best New Luxury Hotel in Norway 2013).
In 2014 came back to Estonia for an opening of a project called Villa Mary restaurant & club in Tallinn where he took place as a head chef for the first time.
In 2015 moved to Russia where he took over a project called PMI in Saint Petersburg.
IN 2016 became the head leader of a restaurant in Moscow "Musli".

Gastronomic handwriting:

Vlad quotes " Natural tasts of organic products are good enough on their own and the main job of a cook is to show the real potential that they have. You can emphasize and make the taste sronger, using traditional methods as :drying, smoking, salting, fermenting and cooking on an open fire. And this is not an influence of trend, these are the methods that have been used successfully by our heritance for the past hundreds of years. Other modern cooking technologies suppose to help save the natural taste of the product and help save up time.
In the work environment I prefer using seosonal local products as much as I prefer using products that are now presented in the Russian market that came to place after the imposition of sanctions as an alternative for foreign products".
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